Our Story

Our Story:

We are Cristyn & Michael Zloza. We are inspired by proven Quality of our pets life is better than quantity, Spotted Paw Salon was born.

Our goal was to open a Pet Grooming & Boutique Style Salon that focuses on Quality of Grooming and Quality of our pets lifestyle. Our inspiration came from previous employers of Cristyn, where she learned a valuable lesson. That lesson being that not everyone should own their own grooming business. Cristyn on a daily bases was focused on becoming a better PetStylist, concerned about dog safety and quality over quantity. Her previous employers did not agree with this mentality and would always put her down. Constantly calling her names, and telling her she is the worst groomer they have even seen, continually stating that quantity pays the bills not quality. After years, yes years, of being put down Cristyn decided enough was enough and that it was time to start her own business with the mentality of quality over quantity. Quality is something that every pet should and does deserve to have each time they visit a Pet Grooming and Boutique. Focusing on quantity ahead of quality puts the health and safety in jeopardy and it is something that Cristyn could not do anymore. If you know Cristyn, you know that she is one of the hardest workers and is a perfectionist when it comes to Pet Grooming. At this same time Michael’s anger and frustration with the way Cristyn’s former employers treated her had reached it’s boiling point and he wanted to help change this situation. After much thought Michael offered up the option of starting their own Pet Grooming & Boutique Salon, to which Cristyn agreed.

So the adventure begins for these two entrepreneur, in 2011 Cristyn & Michael Zloza opened Spotted Paw Salon in Wheaton, IL. with the mentality of Quality over Quantity.